Research Statement

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Toward Accessible Introductory Computer Programming Practice (2020)

Carl C. Haynes

Dynamically adaptive Parsons problems are pieces of code that must be ordered and indented correctly. Performance on prior problems determines the difficulty of subsequent ones. These problems comprise an adaptive learning system that dynamically adapts the learning experience to an individual’s ability. But how do novice programmers with learning (dis)abilities experience solving them? And, how can we make this learning experience more accessible? To understand the learning experience, researchers suggest testing the hypothesis that cognitive load is less for solving Parsons problems than writing equivalent code. Furthermore, researchers propose using an ability-based design approach to increase the accessibility of adaptive learning systems such as dynamically adaptive Parsons problems. This is a research proposal to explore these topics.

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Searching as Learning (2016)

Carl C. Haynes, Soo Young Rieh, and Kevyn Collins Thompson

People often use search systems to retrieve information during learning tasks. We investigated the effect of different query results on learning and search satisfaction.

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Assessment Proficiencies in Library and Information Science (LIS) Education (2016)

Carl C. Haynes, Megan Oakleaf, and Samantha Settimio

The need for libraries to assert thier value has led to the creation of new roles for librarians. We investigated the extent to which the current library and information sciecne curriculum addressed the proficiencies needed by assessment librarians.

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